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No matter who you are, there’s a way for you to get involved in martial arts. Many gyms and fitness centers offer classes for beginners and have a certified trainer you can work with. You could also find a specific gym for a certain type of martial arts you’d like to learn and work on learning the techniques and moves. Watching professionals can be intimidating, but there are plenty of options for starting to learn. Here are some of the many reasons you should get involved in martial arts.

  1. Fitness

Martial arts is extremely good for the body. You’ll learn to use muscles you weren’t even aware you had for each different move, kick, and punch. This will initially come with aches and pains, but soon the body becomes strong. Multiple weekly fitness activities are recommended for every able-bodied person.

  1. Mind focus

Martial arts teaches you discipline of the mind. In fact, that is a key tenant of the practice, and everyone who practices will learn it. One must focus in order to practice and fully execute the moves. This is the only way to master the art and is a great added benefit!

  1. Decreased anxiety

Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress in people. This means that any activity will help, but especially one as involved and focused as martial arts! A regular exercise program, such as multiple lessons and practices a week, keeps the anxiety down on a regular basis.

  1. Self defense

With the world being as it is today, it is nice to be able to defend one’s self. Martial arts is the ultimate practice of defending one’s self, and having that confidence and skill will make you go from feeling helpless to feeling like you have agency to defend yourself.

  1. Confidence

An ancient and world-encompassing martial arts practice is a terrific way to build confidence. Having the ability to channel your body and mind into an exercise and defense is extremely confidence building. Everyone in the world needs confidence, and martial arts is well-known for creating this in its practitioners.

  1. Group support

Being part of a group is wonderful. Groups lend support and happiness to those who join them. Martial arts is the same and it is hard not to become a group when people are sharing sweat and hits. Becoming part of the overall movement is also another great way to be part of a group.

  1. Learn conflict resolution

Every martial arts teaches conflict resolution and diffusing the situation before using any skills acquired during study. The top goal is to exit or break down the situation rather than having to resort to physical action. This is because it can be dangerous and words are better to use first. Martial arts is a smart practice that teaches you how to communicate better and maneuver difficult situations.