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Christian Tedrow, an academic professional in Winter Park, Florida, is passionate about fitness. He previously was a certified personal trainer and still remains very active to this day. This blog will focus on some of the key fitness values that Christian has learned over the years, as well as any developments in the field that may emerge.

Christian has trained across multiple fitness disciplines such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, distance running, crossfit, and martial arts. While there are dozens of options to keep physically fit, Christian believes that there should always be one goal in mind: to incorporate some sort of fitness into life every day. This way, it will become an irreplaceable part of your daily routine, which can help everything from achieving weight-loss goals to serving as a stress reliever.

Even with his current love of fitness and his history as a personal trainer, Christian is the first to admit that the concept of getting fit can seem daunting to beginners. However, he has learned that in order to get fitness-focused, people must do three basic things: they must eat right, they must get their sleep, and of course, they must work out. These three things can make or break a person’s ability to truly get into shape and make the most of their physical fitness.

It is far too common for people to aim for only one or two of those values — which ends up preventing them from achieving the fitness level they desire. Muscle and Fitness reports that sleep deprivation can negatively affect muscle-building, fat-burning, and athletic performance, while your diet also plays a huge part of getting in shape. If you’re serious about getting fit, it’s important that you recognize your strengths or (weaknesses) in these two areas as well as exercising. Luckily, there is plenty of information out there to give you guidance on your fitness journey and help you make the right decisions.

Christian also emphasizes the importance of diversifying your workouts to achieve the optimum results you are seeking. As he’s trained across numerous fitness disciplines himself, he has had the opportunity to see which activities affect his fitness in different ways — so that he can structure his workouts accordingly in order to tailor to his goals. He took this diversified approach to his previous work as a personal trainer, and still does so in his personal life to this day.